Zeo Box Reef

Hey Guys, My name is Andre and I have been in the reefing hobby for over 16 years. I have a SPS dominated tank and need to frag on a regular basis to keep my corals under control. My tank runs on Zeovit method, I believe that this method gives me the best results when it comes to growing and colouring up SPS. A common misconception around the Zeovit method is that it is an ultra low nutrient environment, in the ocean N03 and P04 are not measurable however the abundance of zoo plankton and bacteria make it extremely nutrient rich. SPS coral have efficient mechanism to take up N03 from the water column but they are inefficient at taking up P04. All living organisms reqires N and P (Nitrate and Phosphate) to grow. The Zeovit method utilisers bacteria to take up P04 and N03, in return this creates an efficient mechanism for the coral to uptake P04 by feeding off the bacteria in the water colum. This method also enables me to acclimate newly collected SPS quite quickly as they don't need to adapt as much. Another misconception I believe is out there is SPS are very hard to keep, in my experience they can be kept in a very wide range of parameters and they will adapt to the conditions given to them. The key is stability. Maintain parameters as stable as possible and they will thrive. The big three in my opinion are Alkalinity, Salinity and Temperature. All of my frags are extremely healthy and colourful, all will be encrusted and shipped with heat packs or ice and a few pellets of carbon in the bag to ensure pristine conditions during shipping.