Golden Frags

Hi my fellow reefers! I’m Jon and am based in Newcastle, NSW. The name 'Golden Frags' was inspired by two main things that brings me joy: My golden retriever Benny and growing my own corals. My passion for fish and reef keeping started when I was around 10 years old when I was gifted with my first fish tank. Who would have thought that 25 years later that I would still enjoy this hobby! I have previously bred fish ranging from African Cichlids to Discus and have now found my real love for corals. I keep a mixed reef consisting of SPS, LPS and Zoas. However, my favourites are colourful Zoas, Acropora and other stony corals. I'm very passionate about sustainable marine aquariums and will always endeavour to purchase home grown frags where possible. Through the Coral Collective, I am able to share my personal collection of corals with all of you!

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