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ZBR Purple Table WYSIWYG
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ZBR Purple Table

Purple tabling acro with his of pink and green in corallites . Be careful where its placed as it will take over the space fast. It is very hardy and a fast grower when it is given stable parameters. The big three parameters to keep stable are Alkalinity, Salinity and Temperature. Ensure this frag is placed in areas with high flow and high light.

Suggested parameter ranges ( Please don't target numbers everyones tank is different, stability is key.)
PO4 0.05-0.15ppm
No3 0.25 - 10ppm
Alk 6.5- 10ppm
Mag 1350-1450ppm
Cal 400-450ppm
Salinity 35

Coral type: SPS (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
Lighting grown under: T5/LED Hybrid
Light intensity: High (200 - 400 PAR)
Water flow: High (50 - 100x+ tank turnover / hour)
Captive generation: 2 (frag of a 1st generation frag)

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