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WYSIWYG Tyree Chilli pepper Monti
AUD $30.00
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One of the must-haves for any Montipora lover - beautiful vibrant green with highlighter red polyps. This coral looks great under white light and glows under blues.

Grown under G4 Radions on a modified AB+ setting at ~120 PAR.
Frags photographed using an iPhone 11 with a Coralview lens under modified AB+ setting that they're grown under.
Alternate photo is taken under 24k heavy blue light with the same equipment.

Coral type: SPS (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
Lighting grown under: LED
Light intensity: Medium (100 - 200 PAR)
Water flow: High (50 - 100x+ tank turnover / hour)
Captive generation: 5+
Approximate size (cm): 2

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