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Pink Tabling Acropora
AUD $85.00
Only 5 left!

A rare beautiful pink tabling Acropora that will develop into the shape of a dinner plate. This fast growing coral will compliment your branching corals and provide the shapes that you will be familiar with on the coral reefs where you see masses of tabling acroporas.

Picture is of the mother colony which is 20 cm in diameter. Frags will be approximately 3cm wide (they grow horizontal).

Due to floods, pickup only NSW, Ryde.

WEIGHT (KG): 1.00
Coral type: SPS (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
Lighting grown under: T5/LED Hybrid
Light intensity: High (200 - 400 PAR)
Water flow: Medium (10 - 50x tank turnover/ hour)
Captive generation: 2 (frag of a 1st generation frag)
Approximate size (cm): 3

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