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ORA Blue digitata
AUD $25.00

Ora Blue digi. Super blue polyps, Always hard to take a photo on how bright these polyps are. This Digitata grows super fast in high light and good decent flow around the coral.

You will receive a similar size frag to the one pictured but won’t be the exact frag.

These frags are a very decent sized frag.

Water Parameters
PH 8.3
Sal 1.025
KH 8-8.5
Cal 450
Mag 1350
Nitrate 2-5
Phosphate 0.03
Grown under radion xr 30 pro
AB+ @ 80% with Vitamini strip.

Coral type: SPS (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
Lighting grown under: LED
Light intensity: Medium (100 - 200 PAR)
Water flow: Medium (10 - 50x tank turnover/ hour)
Captive generation: 5+
Approximate size (cm): 4cm

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