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Neon Green Monipora Cap
AUD $30.00
Only 4 left!

Grown under 2 AI Hydra 26s running modified BRS AB + schedule
Must have Coral for any tank, especially those starting the journey with SPS.
Super easy to take care of coral and fast growing.
Photo of mother colony in the third photo.
Example frags in pics.
Photo 1 Taken under full blues. Photo 2 and 3 taken under whites.
Message me on my facebook page @Matt's Frags for more pics and info

Coral type: SPS (Small Polyp Stony Coral)
Lighting grown under: LED
Light intensity: High (200 - 400 PAR)
Water flow: High (50 - 100x+ tank turnover / hour)
Captive generation: 5+

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