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We’re Pat and Una, we live in Newcastle NSW with our young son and puppy dog. We’re massive coral nerds. We’re passionate about amazing reefs that can be created at home.


the problem

But we’re becoming increasingly concerned about the fragile state of amazing reef environments around the world. Various human behaviours and the impacts of climate change are big contributors to the decline in reef habitats. We also know that many in the coral hobbyist industry are working hard to increase propagation for supply, preservation and even eventually for re-populating reefs. 

Like many others we propagate our own coral and love to trade these with other enthusiasts. Having done this for some years now, we’ve identified how it might be done in a more organised way, so as to have an increasingly positive impact for reef habitats. We recognise the role that tank bred propagated coral can play in the wider fight for reef habitats.

That’s why we’ve established The Coral Collective!


our collective

The Coral Collective is an online marketplace that provides a channel for environmentally conscious reefing hobbyists to trade and connect with each other, so that we all grow more beautiful propagated coral that is sustainable, robust and resilient to change.  

We see our role as part of the broader collective, to enable YOU - the community of sellers, buyers, growers, and other enthusiastic reefers - to connect. 


our approach

Recognising this, we’ve established The Coral Collective as a social enterprise so as to put our purpose and our impact goals front and centre in how we’re designed and how we work.

At The Coral Collective profit is not our main driver. In order to keep start up costs for our sellers as low as possible there aren't any set up fees, instead there is a commission of 15% on each sale. The commission covers the costs of running The Coral Collective marketplace, and more importably goes towards supporting and donating to reef-saving projects and organisations.


our impact

Although we’re starting small, we have big plans!

At this stage, we’re testing out the model and there are a lot of details to work through. As things develop, we’ll be reaching out to all of YOU to refine our impact goals, including the reef-saving projects and organisations that together we all want to support.

Initially, we are happy to announce our first commitment is to donate to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


our vision

  • to continue to improve the sustainability of the coral hobby industry, and enable the hobby to have positive impacts on reef environments.


our mission

  • to foster communities of enthusiastic and conscientious reefing hobbyists, propagators, and industry partners
  • to connect hobbyists with propagators and growers of sustainably sourced, robust, and resilient coral
  • to increase access to propagated corals and raise the profile of alternatives to wild harvested coral
  • to raise funds for projects and/or research that support robust and resilient reef environments


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